Thanks to our Ice/Dance 2016 Touring Sponsors

Sun Valley:

Megan Murphy SQN Sport

Plymouth, NH:

Venture Print, Chase St. Market, Ninth State Movement, Dressers Unlimited, Dunkin Donuts on Tenney Mountain Highway, Squam River Landing, The Little Church Theater, Six Burner Bistro, Rands Hardware, Plymouth Furniture Company, PSU Ice Arena

West Orange, NJ

Metropolitan Plant and Flower Exhange, Signs Etc. of Sparta, Gertler and Wente Architects, McLoone's Boathouse, JAG Physical Therapy, JoJo's Starbuck's "Cool Workout,"

Inner Grace Dance, Sherrrie Natko at Coldwell Banker (Westfield, NJ), Anchor Golf Center, Chatham Chiropractic Center, Corneal Associates of New Jersey, Scott Spelker at Coldwell Banker, Andrew Naylor and The Edge Skate Shop, Maximum Health & Wellness, Subway Sandwich Shop on Northfield Avenue

Anne and Scott Allen

Chris Anderson
Josh Babb

Brenda and Skip Berg
Dick Button
Natalie and Jim Carey

Stephanie and Don Ciccone
Nancy Jean Davis

Violet and Chris Eagan

Midge Farkas

Janice Feldman

John Fernandes

Jeff Gertler
Susie Gharib
Debbie and Bob Gordon

Jill Howell

Marilyn and Joseph Kasputys
Terri Katz
Susan Mckimens
Nicole Miller

Diane Nugent
Julie Parker

Joan Sabatino
Kenneth Shelley

Rob Shmalo

JoJo Starbuck

Linda and Edward Villella
Donald Webster
Audrey Weisiger

Words on Dance and Deborah Kaufman
Disson Skating
Strawberry Banke Museum

The Fenimore Museum with Danielle Henrici and Todd Kenyon

Labrie Family Skate and our performance committee
Sun Valley Resort and Scott Irvine and Jennifer Uhrig
Silver Center for the Arts at Plymouth State University and

Diane Jeffery, Dave Gyger, and Trudy Pelletier
Snoopy’s Home Ice and Justin Higgs, Randy Pennington, and Kevin McCool
Wood River YMCA Sun Valley
Higher Ground SV and Cara Barrett
Little Harbour School and Sean McGrimley
Skating Club of New York and Terri Levine and Susan Kittenplan
Essex County Skating Club

Park City Ice Arena and Matt Genther and Erika Fisher Roberts
Skating Club of Boston and Doug Zeghibe
Grassroots To Champions and Shelia Thelan
Young Artists Showcase

West Orange Performance Committee:

Marie DeFalco, Chris Anderson, Sally Saul, and Jack Lipkin

Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center and Star Lit Blades Synchro

New Hampshire Association for the Blind

Fenway Sports Management and Clare Durant and Frederick Olsen

Thank you to ALL of our founding premiere show supporters!

And to all of our family who have helped build our company from the ground up! THANK YOU!

Valerie Abraham, Dave Albrecht, Tenley Albright, Lisa Marie Allen, Chris Anderson, Marilyn Andretta,

Lynn and Sam Auxier, Pamela Averick, Ann Barksdale, Michael Barrett, Denise Beaumont,

Alison Bers and Lee Kleinecke, Peter Betts, Lili and Ralph Bien, Friederike K. Biggs, Robin Blauer, Judy Blumberg, Lucy Brennan, Laura Brown, Amy Buchman, Madaleine Burke, Sarah Canfield, Linnea Capps, Lisa Caputo, Robert Castle, Janis and Charles Cecil, Zulam Chaviano, Craig Cichy, Susan Clamage, Martha Clapp, Ellen Coletto, Leslie and Richard Curtis, Pam and Dave Davidson, Alicia De Lalio, Karen Dickens,

Betsy DiFelice, Marian Dillon, Susan Dornstein, Nancy Dubin, Ann Drysdale,

Richard Dwyer, Susan Engel, Merle Englander, Joan Erdheim, Karen Fang, Sandy Fetter, Barbara Franzoso, Jessica and Jeffery Gaynor, Rena Geloso, Jane and Charles Gibney, Alan Gibson, Ally Goldman, Susan Goldstein, Wendy Gordon, Pam Gordon, Geordie and Robert Grant, Rachel Greenwood, Edith Greenwood, Susan Grote, Betsy Hauck, Dorothy Hamill, Lynne Hanson, Cynthia and Mike Harvell, Dalila Hastings, Sharon and Jeff Hazard, Andrea Heitzman, David Hicks, Juli McKinstry Hosking, Sarah Hughes, Ann Jackson, Ruth and Al Jacobson, Clare Kasputys, Joshua Katz, Randi Katz,Fran Katzman, Jeff Keefe, Susan Kittenplan, Sue and Chris Klem, Hilda Kraker, Dr. Richard Kraus, Patricia Landis, Randall Lane, Bob LeGros,Terri Levine, Barbara Linn, Terri Levine, Val Levine, Barb MacLeod, Caroline Mann, Stacy Martin, Craig Maurizi, Alis McCurdy Sauers, Kathleen Mcgowan, Michael Mertaugh, Harold Meth, Marylyn Meyerson, David Miller, Ellen Mills,

Normandie Mindheim, Laura Morrissette, Galen and Tod Mott, Suna Murray, Lisa Navarro, Adrienne Natrillo, Helen NgaiWade, Jeff Nolt, Moira North, Bruce Norvell, Elizabeth Nunn, Julianna Rosenbluth Obeid, Carl N. Olsson, Nick Perna, Nina Peterson, Jack and Joy Prudek, Nancy Quaife, Lisa and Ron Reed, Linda Reiss, Lisa Loop-Retaleato, Susan Ringler, Keith Rosen, Cathy Rosenbluth, Lisa and Harry Rosenthal, Amy Rosewater, Kate and Bob Rosso, Robyn Roth-Moise, Donna Ryan and Andy Livingston, Susan Ryckman in honor of JoJo Starbuck, Kristiina Sakai, Noel Schoenleber, Rhea Schwartz and Paul Wolff, Ronald Sedley, Clare Sheridan, Rob Shmalo, Laura Sinnott and Albert Pope, Sonia and Tony Slevira, Nancy and Zach Slater, Kristin Sorani, Nicholas Spinelli, Sandy Springer, Meg Streeter Lauck, Adele and Bob Sweet, Martha Sword, Penny and Thomas Tang, Iren Tar, Jocelyn Tenille, Margaret Thomson, Leslie Thorne, Joan Torrance, Georgene Troseth, Missy VanBuren, Lala Van Kamp, Kate Vanoff, Kim Verde, Robin Wagner,

Vera Wang, Susan Wilsey, Barry Wilson, Doug and Betsy Wilson,

Toby Wolf, Ed Wood, Anna Wong, Beth Worooff,Larry Yerdon,

Sharon and Robert Yoerg, Aja Zanova, Elaine Zayak. and anonymous donors!

And a huge thank you to our collaborators!

IDI is supported by:

The Lisa McGraw Figure Skating Foundation, The James Deering Danielson Foundation, The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation,  The Wallace Foundation,

The Pestcoe Family Foundation,

The Cedar Grove Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation,

The Community Foundation of Greater Memphis,

The New England Foundation for the Arts' New England Dance Fund, with generous support from the Aliad Fund at the Boston Foundation

IDI Advisors:

Laura Faure and JoAnna Mendl Shaw

Costume Design:

Alicia Jackson


Phil Lee

David Seelig
Mark Oliver
Frank Rocco
Darial Sneed
Taylor Davidson

Diana Dumbadse

David J. Murray

Deborah Hickey of Glidefar Photography


Matej Silecky

David Seelig

Candice Spielman

Mark Oliver

Abel Machado and Greasy Lens Films

David Sotnick

IDI Assistants:
Carly Donowick, Erin Reed, John Kerr, Sinead Kerr and Grant Marshall

IDI Words on Dance Committee:

Emily Hughes, Brian Boitano, Kristi Yamaguchi, Dorothy Hamill, Dick Button

Alison Hart
Mimi Bradley

IDI Archival Consultant:
Dominique Singer

Wendy Addiss and Addiss Enterprises
Sharon Hazard and Imagine It Embroidery


Debra Grott and Karen LaPalme, WLGR Accounting
Heartland Payroll

Robert Levin


Bruce Goldberg

Renata Letto


Paul Corin

Our Circle of Volunteers:
Christine Lee, Jamie Coffey, Carly Donowick, Erin Reed, Brent Bommentre,

Diane and Keith Joe Dick, Kim Navarro, Angela Webster
Carole Anne Morrison, Anne Weidman, Jeff Keefe, Leigh Baker, Bill Downey

Trina Peters, Robyn Sias, Barbara Holland, Sonia Dunfield, Pam Farr

Executive Volunteers and IDI lifesavers: Susan Mckimens and John Fernandes

Currier and Ives Strawbery Banke Skaters:

Caroline Mann, Kristiina Sakai, John Salwen, John Wold, Lenaye Marsten, Jim Tompkins, Erik Nyland, Emma Clarke, and Eric Rioux

The Staff, Board,  and Management of Labrie Family Skate

and the Strawbery Banke Museum

Larry Yerdon, Cynthia Harvell, Zach Slater, Donna Ryan, Anne Weidman, Laura Brown, Marissa Correll,and Monique DeForge

Ice Dance International wishes to thank its supporters!

Each of you has made an enormous impact during the past two formative years. In fact, you are all IDI founders who have believed in and shared this vision of an ice ballet company.

I am deeply grateful to have the opportunity to bring this beautiful art form to as many people as possible

and work alongside so much talent.
We thank you for helping our dreams take flight on the ice!
Artistic Director Douglas Webster and IDI Founders, Edward and Linda Villella, Debbie Gordon, and Dick Button

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