Linda and Edward Villella and Douglas Webster

IDI Viewing Party

Edward Villella with Ellen and Harriet Delsener

Ice Dance International launch party 

Alicia Jackson and Douglas Webster

Julie Parker, Markian Silecky, Susan Mckimens and John Fernandes

Douglas Webster and Audrey Weisiger

Board Member Sarah Hughes

Curtis Webster with Candice Spielman

Lisa Marie Allen, Ashley Clark, and Lisa Rosenthal

At the Sun Valley Skating Center

IDI Board Member Terri Katz

Ruth Leider and Mary Sue McLean

Edward Villella, Debbie Gordon and Linda Villella

Norton Owen and David Stam

Artistic Director Douglas Webster introducing IDI

Kim Navarro, Joel Dear, Brent Bommentre, Beata Handra, 

Edward and Linda Villella, Kate Vanoff, and Douglas Webster

Betsy and Doug Wilson with Aja Zanova

Norton Owen, Michael Alden, Stephan Butler, Jeff Gertler, Board Member Audrey Weisiger,

Donna Ryan, John Hughes, Elin Schran and Marlene Cintron

Bob Gordon, Leslie Curtis, and Dick Button

Wishing Edward Villella a happy birthday

Ryan Bradley, Tovah Love, and Douglas Webster

Charles Pavarini, Edward Villella, and Douglas Webster

Marilyn Andretta, Violet Eagan, and Ellen Coletto

JoJo Starbuck and Doug Wilson

Susan Mckimens and Douglas Webster

​Linda Villella, Dick Button, and Host Terri Katz

Cornelios Ryan, Douglas Webster, Phebe Thorne

Party Guests

The Hughes family with Arnold Gumowitz

Ice Dance International Launch Party

February 21st 2015, New York, New York

​Photos by Darial Sneed and Taylor Davidson

Beata Handra and Barbie Holland

Natalie and Jim Carey with Carswell Berlin

Ice Dance International Company:  Joel Dear, Beata Handra, Brent Bomnentre, Kim Navarro, Ryan Bradley, and Erin Reed

Lindsley Borsodi, Bob Gordon, Pamela Averick

and Thomas Hallen

​​Ice Dance International Video Viewing Party

October 2, 2015 New York, New York, WB Wood

Photos by Frank Rocco

JoAnna Mendl Shaw, Jim and Natalie Carey, and Douglas Webster

Diane Dick and Brent Bommentre

Natalie Carey, Dick Button, and JoJo Starbuck

Edward Villella and Beata Handra

Debbie Gordon, Alis McCurdy Sauers, and Ed Cossitt

Carswell Berlin, Marylyn Meyerson and Fran Katzman

JoJo Starbuck, Violet Eagan,

and Denise Beaumont

Jeff Gertler and Elizabeth Scott

Rhea Schwartz and Joel Dear

Host Dick Button addresses his guests 

Kate Vanoff, Douglas Webster, and Judy Blumberg

Edward Villella 

Linda Villella, Kate Vanoff, Sharon King, and Jocelyn Tenille

Aja Zanova, Linda Villella, Dick Button,

Board Member Scotty Allen and Anne Allen

Tenley Albright and Dick Button

Adele and Bob Sweet

Board Member Julie Parker with Markian Silecky

Sun Valley Residency Open Rehearsal Reception

September 10, 2015 Sun Valley, Idaho

​Photos by David Seelig

Audrey Weisiger, Alicia Jackson, Scotty Allen and Joel Dear

Gary Vinagre, Jocelyn Tenille, and  Douglas Webster