IDI Company Edge Class: West Orange, NJ, October 7, 2016

Photos by Darial Sneed

Examples of our IDI clinic flyers!

US Figure Skating Dance Camp: Skate 360,  June 30 2016

Photos by Sarah Arnold

Free company edge class: Flow, during our 2016 Residency in Sun Valley

Photos by David Seelig

Joy os Skating Cinic, Snoopy's Home Ice, October 15, 2016

Photos by Diana Dumbadse

Ice Dance International clinics range from edge classes to large full day workshops both on the floor and on ice.

Douglas Webster teaches two different edge classes: Flow and Skate 360.

Flow is an edge class that celebrates the basics of the push and how we use it to generate our edges and turns: the vocabulary of our craft.

Skate 360 explores the joy of moving through space with our whole body in a full sphere of motion using our edges and turns.

Skate 360 will be taught again in 2017 at the US Figure Skating Dance Camp, June 24 and 25.

Company classes are free during our residencies and are often taught to local communities while on tour.  We also have two series of company clinics, "The Joy of Skating" and "Fusion Skating: From Movement to Motion." For more information or for booking a clinic or class, please contact us at