In 2017 we collaborated on a program with Northeast Passage, The Strawbery Banke Museum, and the NH Association for the Blind for a day of skating for the visually impaired. We hope to grow this program for 2018-19. Please listen to this wonderful NHPR broadcast featuring Douglas Webster that speaks to our outreach goals!

Higher Ground photos by David Seelig

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Get Out and Skate photos by David J. Murray of

IDI strives to share the joy of skating with ALL!

It is IDI's goal to invest in community and share the joy of skating. We try our best to engage as a full company when we're in residence, on tour, or involved in a special IDI event.

We currently have two homes for celebrating our passion with others:

Labrie Family Skate in Portsmouth, NH where we have our "Get Out and Skate" Program with the public schools and at the Sun Valley Skating Center where we collaborate with Higher Ground on a skating program for kids with special needs.

We invest 100% of our energy in these programs and love that they provide a much needed break to our days of rehearsal and performance and they remind us why we fell in love with skating in the first place!