Founded just over two years ago by Dick Button, Edward and Linda Villella, Debbie Gordon, and artistic director Douglas Webster, IDI has created a full show of touring repertory with work by Mr. Villella and Mr. Webster and choreographers Benoit Richaud and Stephanee Grosscup. This show, Ice/Dance traveled the United States in the fall of 2016 to rave reviews. This past September of 2017, IDI taped two one hour television specials called “The World of Ice Dance International.” The first will air on public television in April of 2018. The specials feature nine pieces of company repertory as well as documentary footage about the history of ensemble skating and the founding of IDI.

This June of 2018, dance luminary Trey McIntyre is on board to create a new company work for IDI in a residency in Portland, Maine and in the fall of 2018, IDI plans to be back on the road with a national and international tour.

Along with its’ touring repertory, IDI has created significant community engagement programs, including collaborations in Sun Valley with Higher Ground for a program teaching kids with special needs to skate. IDI has also taught national clinics that share the joy of skating and participated in special events that help build and support the foundation of its’ touring repertory company.

 These special IDI Events include live discussion, unique performances, and outreach. During IDI’s first couple of years, IDI Events has presented shows at Fenway Park, Rockefeller Center, The Strawbery Banke Museum, The Fenimore Museum, and conducted a live discussion presented by Words on Dance at the San Francisco Ballet Studios.

 This year we’ll have events at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown and The American Scandinavian House in New York City.

The vision of Ice Dance International is to share the joy of dancing on ice with the world.


The Vision of Ice Dance International is to elevate skating from sport to art.

The company is passionately dedicated to sharing the joy of skating through performance, its' educational programs, community engagement, and expanding the audience of ensemble skating throughout the world.

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Reviews and Features on IDI

"In this new era of competitive Ice Dance, it is, unfortunately, common for the artistic aspect of the sport to take a backseat to the technical.  By contrast, Ice Dance International is limitless--unbound by rules in its exploration of artistry and creative expression.  After all, it is expression and passion, not technicalities, that ultimately touch an audience."
Isabella Tobias:  Olympian

“Congratulations Ice Dance International on your premiere tour! Charlie and I are so excited about the birth of this company that celebrates our passion! We’re excited to see IDI grow! Good luck."

Meryl Davis, 2014 Olympic Ice Dance Champion

"As a former competitive ice dance team, My partner and I always felt that when we "retired", it would be from competition only. We still wanted to not only skate, but to develop artistically without the restraints of competitive ice dancing. 
The forming of the company IDI gives couples like us - who have previously competed at Olympic level - a platform to hone our skills, learn new ones and perform with others who are like-minded. 
Ice dancers who are passionate about their "job" and who have devoted their lives to it shouldn't have to stop when they no longer wish to compete. IDI gives us a chance to carry on doing what we are best at and draw in a whole new audience to the sport we love.
The thought of an Ice Dancing company getting together and performing as a ballet company is very exciting - for current ice dancers, would-be ice dancers, and audiences alike!"​
Sinead Kerr:  7 Time British Ice Dancing Champion

Douglas Webster                                                   Edward Villella

by David Seelig